Who are we?

We are your social media BFF!!

Amanjot and Pooja co-founded “Socially Yours Now” to unleash the potential of social media in today’s world. Our secret ingredients to make any brand successful are creativity and transparency. We are experienced and comfortable working across different time zones. Our mission is to help clients achieve their goals by creating compelling content and effective social media strategies that connect with their audience and drive engagement. As they say, “actions speak louder than words,” but on this platform, we will make our words speak the loudest. We are a young team with competitive skill sets that deliver. We are dedicated to detail and driving results


Pooja Sharma


Pooja has experience in the travel industry and E-commerce. She has gained expertise from making travel itineraries to vendor management while working in respective industries. She is a true Aquarian and survives on ‘chai’. She likes challenges and resists shortcuts. Pooja has a true passion for helping businesses grow with the help of social media. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and considers herself an eternal student of life where she learns and grows every day. Pooja believes in the power of languages hence she has been learning Korean for a few years. When Pooja isn’t steering sites and juggling social media tabs, she loves reading books and binge-watching Netflix.

Amanjot Kaur


with 10 year’s of experience in the customer-oriented industry, Amanjot earned her master’s in business administration-Human Resources. Starting her career in the aviation industry she has traveled through different career paths and nowadays she is making plans to grow your brand. A Sagittarian who loves travelling, writing and listening to music. A coffee lover who loves working on your project alongside a coffee mug, Amanjot has also worked in a travel agency. In this role, she learned professionalism in meeting deadlines and deliverables. Learning has always been a part of her. She is also learning Korean because of her immense interest in Korean culture. Amanjot believes in the power of dedicated, step-by-step progress toward a goal. She is an over excited human and cannot wait to work with you!